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The Bees Knees School Abuja is a co-educational school located in the heart of Abuja. We are a family oriented school with over 200 pupils. The Bees Knees School was founded on the 12th of July, 2010.The school started as a Daycare and was formerly known as Prime Rose Daycare, but just as the phrase “The Bees Knees”, meaning “HEIGHT OF EXCELLENCE” We have progressively grown into one of the best Daycare, Nursery and Primary schools in Abuja. The Bees Knees School prides itself with effective practical hands on and experimental learning.

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Our Teachers

At The Bees Knees School, our teachers are our greatest assets as learning cannot take place without them. TBKS teachers teach because they love their job and believe deeply in the value of the educational process. With the mix of classroom experience and the knowledge of the latest researches, our teachers stride to create an engaging environment for the pupils.
By combining our inquiry based curriculum, hands on projects and individual attention, our teachers turn the usual traditional four walled classrooms into a creative, interactive laboratory where pupils explore the world together. With our well structured and modern facilities for children between the ages of 3months-12years (Day-Care, Nursery and Primary) The Bees Knees School Abuja is EVERY PARENT’S CHOICE!


Our vision is to raise “TOTAL CHILDREN” who are innovative resilient individuals, take initiatives, collaborate effectively and contribute meaningfully to society. Children who will demonstrate integrity in their actions, creativity and zest in their learning and joy in their endeavours.

The Bees Knees School Abuja strives to be a model British school in Nigeria offering broad based and challenging educational programme in line with “RAISING A TOTAL CHILD”.

TBKS is committed to inspiring pupils to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive programme. Within a caring, respectful and multicultural environment, the school is committed to instilling in each child the desire to learn to take appropriate risk and to accept challenges.
The Bees Knees School is committed to developing pupils who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills and disposition to continue their education and become personally fulfilled, independent and socially responsible adults who can survive in any and every environment they find themselves.

We will accomplish this mission by providing
1. Learning that supports and extends knowledge, understanding, confidence and life skills for the purpose of overcoming any disadvantages in life.
2. Academic programmes that embody the British standard and learner profile that allow children’s choices, foster natural curiosity, enable children excel and promote life -long learning.
3. Learning opportunities that develop self-awareness and social responsibility in our children so they can make positive contributions in their world.
4. Experiences with technology that promote continued learning, enhance communication and foster innovation in pupils.
5. A safe and fun learning environment that promotes personal fulfilment and joy.
6. Professional development opportunities that foster recruitment and retention of well qualified staff, who are committed to continued learning and find fulfilment in their work.