The Bees Knees School offers an international standard range of learning centered facilities, designed to maximize every child’s educational experiences.

Our pupils find ample space for learning in a quiet and safe residential area. Children’s spaces and sports area are well organized. We offer comprehensive athletic facilities, comfortable classrooms and a well maintained playground on both campuses with full wireless internet coverage, 24 hour security service, CCTV Cameras, access control gates and doors and a high capacity backup generator.

TBKS is highly equipped with modern library facilities, ICT/Language suite, a Science lab and a Home Economics Lab. With our foundation solidly built on the philosophy of “RAISING A TOTAL CHILD” TBKS has Design and Technology/ vocational training workshop that exposes our pupils to a variety of vocations.

It is also our belief at The Bees Knees School that Mathematics is more meaningful when it is concrete, practical and engaging, thus, the idea for the creation of a Maths lab in our primary school to prepare our children with the skills for problem solving. We believe our Maths lab is the first of its kind.
Our state of the art Music (with a voice recording room) and fine art studios are simply stimulating.
At TBKS, we take particular pride in our children’s sports and socio-cultural development.
We therefore have made available on our primary campus, a sports arena.